IT Service Management

IT Service Management – husken provides customized IT Support Solution to fit your business and budget allowing clients to focus on their business, while our team takes care of the rest.

At husken
we know every businesses technology needs are different and having the right IT support in place is mission-critical. no matter what your employee strength; we can craft an IT management strategy that’s right for your organization, and we’ll find the most cost-effective way to get just the right level of support and services

Our custom-tailored support plans allow customers to completely outsource the procurement, installation, and ongoing management of their IT hardware and software.

On Demand Support Services
are designed to address the needs of the clients that want a highly responsive, professional, and reliable IT support resource available to them when the need arises, but don’t necessarily need or want ongoing management services. On Demand Services are priced on a per incident or hourly basis.

IT Management Services
  provide our clients with proactive, ongoing monitoring, management, support and planning of your IT systems, as well as support for your employees using those systems. These services are priced on a flat monthly fee for unlimited service – providing budget predictability and ease of access to our services.